Communication that resonates with your target audience

A content strategy helps you to uncover the motives, products, and services behind the customers’ purchasing decisions. By understanding what benefits the customer expects, what they are interested in, or what prevents them from making a purchase, we can communicate the right things to the chosen target audience in our marketing.

Once the motives are clear, it is easy to determine the themes of marketing communication. This means planning communication topics at a headline level. The headlines describe concretely what kind of content (e.g. articles, customer references, blogs, or videos) will resonate with this target audience. The headlines are distributed throughout the calendar year according to the company's business cycles, creating a marketing calendar. The entire planning process is, of course, guided by the business goals set by the company and the marketing objective derived from it. In addition, distribution channels, responsibilities, and the marketing budget are defined. The result is a clear strategy and operational plan for implementing digital marketing communication: who, why, and what. The content is produced in the form of continuous communication.

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