Creating a sustainable employer image and recruitment marketing

All communication creates an image of what it is like to work for that specific company. Creating an employer image is one part of continuous communication. When actual recruitment communication is initiated and a job advertisement is published, potential applicants have already been warmed up.

Recruitment communication does not only mean job advertisements, but it is about creating an image of the entire company as a workplace. We put together services that suit the customer's situation and resources to achieve the desired results. We look for a suitable style for the company to do recruitment marketing that attracts attention and attracts applicants.

The package does not have to be massive, but it should include the right measures. Recruitment marketing and creating an employer image can consist of, for example, the following: a career page on the website, a job advertisement, a career story, video, a social media advertising campaign, and marketing on various job search sites.

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Employer image and recruitment marketing