Podcast productions by Herea

Business podcasts are a modern way to share a company's operations. Podcasts can be used to enhance employer branding, support recruitment, and communicate information. Podcasts are easy to listen to while driving or exercising, making them a great addition to a company's communication alongside written content and videos.

Herea plans and produces podcasts that are suitable for your company and publishes them in the desired channels.

Would you like to make a podcast?

In addition to more traditional content production, companies can effectively communicate through podcasts. We can help with topic planning, but your podcast can cover topics such as:

  • Company responsibility
  • Services and products
  • Employee career stories
  • Employee well-being
  • Recruitment

Why is making a podcast easy?

  • The interviews are informal conversations, which makes it easy to illustrate things with examples.
  • Things are more authentic when spoken than written.
  • The interviewee doesn't have to worry about appearances.

Listen to a 2-minute example on Spotify.

What topics would your clients or job seekers like to hear more about?

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