Websites are a company's public face, store, and marketing tool – the home to all your communication

We spend a large part of our day online. We do Google searches, chat on social media, and explore different websites looking for information and entertainment. Your customers do the same. Before contacting or making a purchase decision, they search for a lot of information online. The company whose website answers all their questions is in a strong position.

Whether you need a small facelift, fresh text content, or brand-new websites, contact Herea. We will systematically take your website project forward at your desired scale. However, our services do not end here, as we can also take care of any changes to your site and content publication in the future, if necessary. Read more about our continuous communication services here.

The Progress of a Website Project

At the beginning of a website project, the size and structure of the pages are planned. The size can range from a simple homepage to a comprehensive site consisting of diverse content. When planning the structure, consideration is given to how the company's services are grouped together and what content is placed under each heading. After that, the text content for the website is planned. We have a way of writing that entices the reader to read on – concretely, emphasizing customer benefits, but still in an easily readable way. We specialize in popularizing difficult topics into understandable content.

When the content and structure are clear, our Art Director will take over. Visuals emphasize what the company is like. In addition, visuals support the usability of the pages. The customer easily perceives the contents of the pages and quickly finds what they are looking for.

Service Productization - the Foundation of a Website Project

Service description is a concise and precise description of a company's service or product. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to put together a service description - how to make your services and products stand out from others and sound worth the purchase decision? Bring in a professional to think about it and productize your services with Herea. Productization means that a company abandons texts that are generally applicable and do not appeal to anyone. Service descriptions are targeted to a specific target group that recognizes their own needs from the text and understands the benefits of the service.

Service productization begins by going through both customer groups and the company's expertise. Based on these, services and solutions are grouped into sensible units for customers. The units are then titled, meaning that services and solutions are given names. After that, texts are produced that describe the essential aspects of the service or solution: content, benefits, implementation, scope, and possible price.

Service descriptions are used for social and direct marketing and event marketing, among others.


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