We are at our best when we get to be on the same side of the table as you

We provide services to growing industrial and service sector companies that need both strategic marketing communication planning and its implementation from start to finish. Our service has two important functions: to deliver long-term targeted communication at reasonable costs and to be an outsourced resource for corporate management, alleviating marketing concerns.

Commitment to uncovering the essence

One of our most important tasks is the ability to put ourselves in the client's position. It is essential to understand the kind of results the communications should bring and how much they may cost. Therefore, the objective and content always come first, followed by the communication format or visual solution. Unearthing and crystallizing the core of the client's message requires persistence and attitude. We expect this from all Herea professionals, regardless of their job title.

Work is a matter of the heart for us

We have learned that the only thing that truly motivates a person is their own enthusiasm and interest in something. That's why we recruit people for whom their professional expertise is a matter of the heart. This means a natural interest and passion for their work. Our content creation process revolves around leveraging our professional skills to prioritize every client's communication requirements with unwavering commitment.

One partner, multiple experts – a cost-effective solution

We are well aware that a common challenge for growing companies is optimizing the number of administrative staff. The planning and implementation of marketing require the expertise of multiple professionals; it's not enough to rely on one person's skills. For many companies, hiring their own communication staff is not financially viable by any measure. That's why Herea's marketing communication service provides the client with multiple experts, targeted communication, and end-to-end projects at a reasonable annual cost.

Professional conduct, without sacrificing humor

This is what one of our clients once said about us. Our trademark is humanity and honesty. It means the courage to be oneself and the boldness to deviate from standard formulas. Trust arises from interaction and sustained collaboration based on mutual understanding. That's why laughter is also needed, and sometimes even tears, in addition to the matter at hand.

Art is not about entertaining, but about creating connection

This is what Alanis Morissette reportedly said in an interview. This realization resonated with us because for a long time, we have let this idea be our guiding principle: Communication can move and prompt action when the reader, listener, or viewer can relate to the content. That's why we make an effort to ensure that communication touches and creates a point of identification, just like a good song playing on the radio.

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