Herea career

Herea career


Are you passionate about what you specialize in and what you do for work or study?

Do you naturally strive to improve what you do, making it better each time? Is the content of your work significant to you? If you answered yes, you could be one of us. Herea is a growing communications company with a team of people who are passionate about their work. Passion, to us, means having a natural interest in one's work, a desire to do better, and the courage to stand behind one's actions.

We believe that motivation grows from doing work that is important and meaningful to oneself. That's why we want to find people whose natural interests and expertise can shine through in client work and collaborative efforts.

Making Industrial Brands Visible

Our mission is to create recognizable and significant brands for growing industrial companies and those that serve them, together with our clients. In addition to being excited about machining, we are interested in technical industries, energy-saving/optimizing solutions, renewable energy, recycling, and businesses that improve the future of the planet. We believe in Finnish engineering expertise and the benefits it produces. That's why we want to create significant communication for these companies.

In Vaasa, we are a well-known communications partner among industrial companies, and our strategy is to grow our customer base in other industry-driven areas in Finland.

Would you like to take part in creating these stories, in Vaasa or in another city?


Our principle is that each worker deserves their salary. Therefore, our compensation is based on a set base salary and bonuses earned from client work. You can also join us as a Herea entrepreneur. In that case, you are just like one of us, with the same rights and responsibilities, but you receive a larger share of your client work for yourself and handle your own salary payments through your own company. As a Herea entrepreneur, all your client work goes through Herea, and you do not engage in competing business. You will make a written agreement with us, just like employees make employment contracts.

Client Work

At Herea, each expert is responsible for their own client relationships. We do not have project managers, proposal writers, or salespeople. The communications expert is the best person to determine with the client which option to choose, ensuring that the right service is sold. Our clients also appreciate direct contact with the person doing the work: things get done without intermediaries, and messages are delivered reliably.


As we grow, opportunities to step into bigger shoes also arise. Your expertise can, therefore, lead you to future leadership positions or challenges you may not have considered before.

Job Responsibilities

Through our work, we want to tell meaningful stories. We want to make people understand, learn, relate, and buy into ideas, products, or services. We see communication as influence, which we achieve through marketing, advertising, media communications, speaking, training, and repetition. Our work has an impact on our clients, employees and work communities within companies, stakeholders, and the media. If you know how to make an impact, you could be one of us.

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