Targeted digital marketing allows you to advertise where your target audience is

Social media advertising is a low-threshold way to advertise and is suitable for both our B2B and B2C customers. Advertising on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram is significantly cheaper and more easily targeted than, for example, television or print advertising. Social media marketing can be used for advertising a company's services, products, and brand.

Thanks to the retargeting feature in social media advertising, the ad is shown to the right target audience. With retargeting, individual target groups are formed from website visitors. Later, you can advertise products or services the different groups might be interested in. This way, the ad is more likely to reach the right target audience. In LinkedIn advertising, ads can also be targeted directly to decision-makers in companies.

Social media advertising consists of different stages. In social media marketing, we decide and plan the advertising targets and goals together with the customer. After that, we make an operational plan for the ads. The plan includes a consistent, company-specific visual look and consistent messaging about the company's products, services, or brand for a month, six months, a year, or any other defined period.

After the planning, we create the necessary tools for the customer to implement the advertising and schedule, budget, and target the ads directly in the tool as the customer wishes. The customer does not have to worry about maintaining the advertising, as this marketing is automated, and we take care of updating the ads on behalf of the customer. If necessary, we also help the customer create and optimize their social media accounts, or we can handle the account creation from start to finish on behalf of the customer.


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